Changing the Conversation

I started this blog to tell my story and get out of my head. It was a may to keep myself accountable and a creative outlet for me. If it helped someone, great! But that wasn’t the point of it – it was all about me.

Recently I’ve had some conversations that have caused me to pause and think beyond just what I’ve been doing. The questions what could this blog become? What impact could I have on the world? There are a lot of thoughts going through my head right now and I don’t know all the answers, but I do know this – I want to have an impact.

Everyone has a struggle and a story. I want to change the way we talk about our struggles and stories – particularly around addiction and behavioral health conditions. I want to help remove the stigma and shame around telling our stories and talking about our struggles. We should be able to embrace all of who we are and bring it with us no matter where we go.

What does that mean for this blog? I’m not 100% sure, but I do know I’ll continue to tell my story. I hope to bring in other perspectives and maybe start a podcast. All I know at this point is that I want to change the world for the better.

Author: kevinussery

Recovering alcoholic with a desire to change the world through love and positivity. He/Him/His. All opinions expressed on blogs are mine alone unless otherwise stated.

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