Growth in a Pandemic…

I’ve been struggling with how to spend my time during physical distancing outside of work, meetings, and virtual get togethers. Part of me feels like I should be productive all the time, but another part of me feels like it doesn’t matter since the world is falling apart (I’m being dramatic, but it certainly feels that way, doesn’t it?). While I don’t feel like we all have to be productive (see my video on this topic), I’ve been getting stir crazy.

Now that I’ve realized that we are in this for a while (it’s a marathon, not a sprint), I want to find a way to spend my time that balances my needs, but keeps my mind active. If left to my own devices, I may lay in bed and watch TV all day. Not that watching TV all day is always a bad thing, it just wouldn’t be healthy for me to do it everyday. I thought I might try to learn a new skill or pick up some discarded hobby, but I can’t find anything that appeals to me. I don’t want to get trapped in this anxiety of having to be perfect at whatever I decide to do (this is a big danger for me).

After much deliberation (okay, it was like 45 mins) I decided to take this time to focus on growing my spirituality. I’ve spent plenty of time deconstructing the faith & religion I had when I was younger, but I haven’t focused much on reconstructing this into something that is positive and loving. This is the perfect time for me to do this – I have the free time to read, think and explore. 

My growth has mainly focused on reading, listening to podcasts, having hard conversations with people, and spending time in solitude and reflection. This is what works for me- and I think it’s important that everyone spend time finding what works for them during this period. However you decide to spend your time, be intentional about it.

Author: kevinussery

Recovering alcoholic with a desire to change the world through love and positivity. He/Him/His. All opinions expressed on blogs are mine alone unless otherwise stated.

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